The Original Re-enacted Audio Bible Stories Noah's Ark
FREED! Volume 1 CHALLENGED! Volume 2 TESTED! Volume 3 RESCUED! Volume 4 The Old Testament - Set

The Old Testament - Set

The Life and Times of the Old Testament. All the stories of the Old Testament in one set: Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath, Jonah and the whale and many more.

Listen to the dramatized Bible stories in these four volumes beginning with Creation to Queen Esther. Listen as the animals are FREED! from the confines of Noah's ark! Hear giant Goliath's angry mocks as the boy David is CHALLENGED! to trust in God! Detect the true mother of the baby brought to a wisdom-TESTED King Solomon! Listen with awe to Daniel's earnest prayer before he is RESCUED from the lion's den! Walk with Queen Esther as she approaches the king.

THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND's audio dramatizations are reenacted events in the Bible that captivate listeners of all ages as they visualize and learn the values taught in God's Word. Listen to the Bible ... in living sound!

Listen to the dramatized Bible stories from Creation through Queen Esther in FREED!, CHALLENGED!, TESTED! and RESCUED!

  • 240 dramatized audio Bible stories on 40 CDs
  • Volumes 1-4 of THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND

FREED! Volume 1 - 10 CDs
CHALLENGED! Volume 2 - 10 CDs
TESTED! Volume 3 - 10 CDs
RESCUED! Volume 4 - 10 CDs

This set of stories includes CDs: 1-40

Use Exploring God's Book 1 and Exploring God's Book 2 workbooks as a Bible study guide for personal study, church, Sunday School and home school curriculum for Volumes 1 to 4.

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FREED! (Volume 1)
1. Creation
1. In the Beginning
2. Second and Third Days of Creation
3. Fourth and Fifth Days of Creation
Adam and Eve
4. Land Animals Created
5. Adam Created
6. Adam's Companion
2. The Serpent
7. Eve Is Tempted
8. Adam Accepts Forbidden Fruit
9. Driven from the Garden
Cain and Abel
10. The Promise of Salvation
11. Cain and Abel
12. Enoch and Methuselah
3. Noah's Ark
13. Noah Builds an Ark
14. The Animals Enter the Ark
15. Noah's Final Invitation
Noah and the Flood
16. The Flood
17. On Mount Ararat
18. The Tower of Babel
4. Abraham
19. The Boy Abram
20. Abraham Leaves for Canaan
21. The Caravan at Haran
Abraham and Lot
22. Famine in Canaan
23. Abraham and Lot Divide Land
24. Abraham Rescues Lot
5. Sodom and Gomorrah
25. Children Like the Stars
26. Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed
27. Hagar and Ishmael
Abraham and Isaac
28. Abraham Offers Isaac
29. Rebekah Chosen as Isaac's Wife
30. Isaac a True Friend
6. Jacob and Esau
31. Esau's Birthright Sold
32. Jacob Leaves Home
33. Jacob's Ladder
The Promised Land
34. Jacob Works for a Wife
35. Jacob Moves to Canaan
36. Jacob Wrestles with an Angel
7. Joseph's Dreams
37. Joseph, the Favorite Son
38. Joseph and His Dreams
39. Joseph Sold Into Egypt
Joseph and Pharaoh
40. Joseph Unjustly Accused
41. Joseph in Prison
42. Joseph Called Before Pharaoh
8. Joseph's Brothers
43. Joseph's Brothers Come to Egypt
44. Joseph Sends for Benjamin
45. Joseph Makes Himself Known
Joseph's Loyalty
46. Jacob Comes to Live in Egypt
47. Jacob Foretells Return to Canaan
48. Joseph Loyal to God and Family
9. Baby Moses
49. Israel Oppressed
50. Moses Hidden by His Mother
51. Moses Trained as a Prince
A Burning Bush
52. Moses Flees for His Life
53. Moses at the Burning Bush
54. God's Seven Promises
10. The Ten Plagues
55. Frogs in the Land
56. Darkness Over Egypt
57. The Passover
The Exodus
58. On the Way to Freedom
59. Israel Goes Through the Red Sea
60. The Egyptian Army Destroyed

Challenged! (Volume 2)
11. The Ten Commandments
61. Manna in the Desert
62. Amalekites Battle Israel
63. The Ten Commandments
A Golden Calf
64. Israel's Civil Laws
65. Plans for a Tabernacle
66. The Golden Calf
12. Mount Sinai
67. Moses on Mount Sinai
68. Israel Builds a Tabernacle
69. Aaron Consecrated to God
Feasting on Quails
70. Offering Strange Fire
71. Feasting on Quails
72. Seventy Elders Selected
13. Caleb and Joshua
73. Aaron and Miriam Complain
74. Caleb and Joshua Sent as Spies
75. Koran, Dathan and Abiram Rebel
Moses and Aaron
76. Aaron's Staff Blossoms
77. Moses Strikes the Rock
78. A Farewell to Aaron
14. A Talking Donkey
79. Israel Plagued by Serpents
80. A Donkey Talks to Balaam
81. Five Girls Ask for Justice
Two Spies
82. Joshua, Israel's New Leader
83. Two Spies in Jericho
84. Israel Crosses the Jordan
15. Jericho Falls
85. A Captain Instructs Joshua
86. The Fall of Jericho
87. Achan's Buried Sin
The Sun Stands Still
88. The Gibeonites Deceive Joshua
89. Joshua Commands the Sun
90. Joshua's Last Days
16. Deborah and Barak
91. Cities of Refuge
92. Deborah and Barak
93. Jephthah's Daughter
94. Gideon and the Angel
95. Gideon's Wet-Dry Fleece
96. Gideon's Victory
17. Samson
97. Samson's Birth Foretold
98. Samson and the Foxes
99. Samson Destroys 3000 Philistines
Ruth's Love Story
100. Ruth and Naomi
101. Ruth, the Gleaner
102. Ruth Marries Boaz
18. Samuel
103. Samuel and Eli
104. The Lord Calls Samuel
105. The Ark of God Captured
King Saul
106. Israel Desires a King
107. Saul Selected King
108. Saul Anointed
19. Jonathan
109. Saul Defeats the Ammonites
110. Saul Is Impatient
111. Jonathan and the Philistines
King David
112. Jonathan Eats Forbidden Food
113. Saul and the Amalekites
114. David Anointed by Samuel
20. David and Goliath
115. David and Goliath
116. David Marries Saul's Daughter
117. David Escapes Saul's Soldiers
David and Jonathan
118. Jonathan Warns David
119. David Flees from Saul
120. In the Cave of Adullam

Tested! (Volume 3)
21. David and Saul
121. David Saves Keilah
122. Saul Pursues David
123. David Spares Saul's Life
Witch of Endor
124. Abigail Befriends David
125. David Takes Saul's Spear
126. Saul and the Witch of Endor
22. A Brave Rescue
127. A Brave Rescue
128. Saul's Death
129. David Laments Over Saul
David Crowned
130. Ishbosheth, Heir to Throne
131. Intrigue Around the Throne
132. David Crowned King
23. Jerusalem
133. Jerusalem, the City of David
134. The Ark Comes to Jerusalem
135. David Talks with God
David and Bathsheba
136. David Honors Mephibosheth
137. David's Courtesy Rejected
138. David and Bathsheba
24. The Prophet Nathan
139. David and Nathan, the Prophet
140. David Flees from Absalom
141. Jonathan and Ahimaaz Warn David
David and Absalom
142. Absalom's Army Defeated
143. Absalom Flees from David
144. David Numbers Israel
25. Wise King Solomon
145. Solomon Anointed King
146. David Reveals Plan for Temple
147. Solomon Prays for Wisdom
Dividing A Baby
148. Solomon Advises Dividing a Baby
149. Peace in Israel
150. Hiram Helps Build the Temple
26. Solomon's Temple
151. The Temple Completed
152. Solomon's Temple Dedicated
153. God Warns Solomon
Queen of Sheba
154. Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon
155. The Wisdom of Solomon
156. Solomon's Strange Woman
27. Kingdoms Divided
157. Solomon's Reward for Foolishness
158. The Kingdoms Divided
159. Shishak Raids the Temple
160. Jeroboam and the Prophet
161. Ahijah Prophesies Doom
162. Sad Days for Israel
28. Ravens Feed Elijah
163. A Boy from the Land of Gilead
164. A Man with a Message
165. Elijah Fed by the Ravens
Fire from Heaven
166. Elijah and the Oil Barrel
167. Fire from Heaven
168. The Drought Ended
29. Ahab and Jezebel
169. Elijah Flees from Jezebel
170. Ahab Steals Naboth's Vineyard
171. Elijah Prophesies about Ahab
A Heavenly Chariot
172. Ahaziah's Three Captains
173. Elijah and Ahaziah
174. Elijah and the Heavenly Chariot
30. Elisha
175. Elisha, the Boys and the Bears
176. Ditches of Water for Warriors
177. Elisha and the Oil Pots
Naaman's Leprosy
178. Elisha Raises a Child to Life
179. Naaman Healed of Leprosy
180. Gehazi Covets Naaman's Money

RESCUED! (Volume 4)
31. An Axhead Floats
181. Elisha Captures an Army
182. Samaria Besieged by Syria
183. An Axhead Floats
Elisha and Joash
184. Elisha and King Joash
185. Singing to Victory
186. An Heir Hid in the Temple
32. Leaders In Israel
187. Funds for the Temple
188. Leaders in Israel
189. Azariah, Berechiah, Jehizkiah
190. Hezekiah Cleans the Temple
191. Hezekiah's Invitation
192. Storehouses of Blessings
33. Isaiah's Vision
193. Samaria Falls to the Assyrians
194. The Vision of Isaiah
195. Jerusalem Defended
Sun Turns Back
196. The Sun Turns Back for Hezekiah
197. An Unfortunate Show of Wealth
198. Manasseh Rules Over Judah
34. Jeremiah
199. Good King Josiah
200. Jeremiah the Prophet
201. Judah's Final Warning
Jerusalem Destroyed
202. Jeremiah Accused of Treason
203. Jerusalem Besieged
204. Jerusalem Destroyed
35. Nebuchadnezzar
205. Four Captive Boys
206. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
207. Daniel Reveals the Dream
208. The Dream's Interpretation
209. Daniel Tells the Future
210. Nebuchadnezzar's Image
36. The Fiery Furnace
211. Condemned to the Fiery Furnace
212. Nebuchadnezzar Goes Mad
213. Belshazzar's Feast
Daniel and the Lions
214. Daniel in the Lions' Den
215. Daniel's Vision of Strange Animals
216. The Future Revealed to Daniel
37. Babylon
217. Cyrus Decrees Israel's Return
218. From Babylon to Palestine
219. Back to Jerusalem
The Temple Completed
220. Work on the Temple Hindered
221. The Temple Completed
222. Ezra Comes to Jerusalem
38. Nehemiah's Visit
223. Nehemiah at Jerusalem
224. Nehemiah's Night Visit
225. Reorganized for Work
A Great Work
226. Nehemiah, a Man with a Purpose
227. A Great Work for God
228. A Revival of Godliness
39. Job
229. Job's Ten Children
230. What Job Didn't Know
231. Job, Tried and True
232. Jonah Swallowed by a Fish
233. Jonah Warns Ninevah
234. Jonah Under the Gourd
40. Queen Esther
235. An Orphan Girl
236. Esther Becomes Queen
237. Haman Hates Mordecai
Haman and Mordecai
238. Esther Helps in a Crisis
239. The Queen's Invitation
240. Haman's Defeat


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