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(Featured Sample Story is The Lord Calls Samuel)

Experience the collapsing Jericho walls as the trumpets blast and Rahab is CHALLENGED! to wait for rescue! Sneak into the enemy camp as God's spies-for-good are CHALLENGED to go undetected! Ponder Samson's true strength of character as he is CHALLENGED by Delilah's deceptions! Hear giant Goliath as he mocks boy David who is CHALLENGED to trust in God! Marvel at Balaam's talking donkey as it is CHALLENGED to obey the angel in its path!

THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND's audio dramatizations are reenacted events in the Bible that captivate listeners of all ages as they visualize and learn the values taught in God's Word. Listen to the Bible ... in living sound!

Listen to the dramatized Bible stories from The Ten Commandments to David and Jonathan in CHALLENGED!

  • 60 dramatized audio Bible stories on 10 CDS in CHALLENGED!


Use Exploring God's Book 1 workbook as a Bible study guide for personal study, church, Sunday School and home school curriculum for CHALLENGED! Volume 2.

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Challenged! (Volume 2)
11. The Ten Commandments
61. Manna in the Desert
62. Amalekites Battle Israel
63. The Ten Commandments
A Golden Calf
64. Israel's Civil Laws
65. Plans for a Tabernacle
66. The Golden Calf
12. Mount Sinai
67. Moses on Mount Sinai
68. Israel Builds a Tabernacle
69. Aaron Consecrated to God
Feasting on Quails
70. Offering Strange Fire
71. Feasting on Quails
72. Seventy Elders Selected
13. Caleb and Joshua
73. Aaron and Miriam Complain
74. Caleb and Joshua Sent as Spies
75. Koran, Dathan and Abiram Rebel
Moses and Aaron
76. Aaron's Staff Blossoms
77. Moses Strikes the Rock
78. A Farewell to Aaron
14. A Talking Donkey
79. Israel Plagued by Serpents
80. A Donkey Talks to Balaam
81. Five Girls Ask for Justice
Two Spies
82. Joshua, Israel's New Leader
83. Two Spies in Jericho
84. Israel Crosses the Jordan
15. Jericho Falls
85. A Captain Instructs Joshua
86. The Fall of Jericho
87. Achan's Buried Sin
The Sun Stands Still
88. The Gibeonites Deceive Joshua
89. Joshua Commands the Sun
90. Joshua's Last Days
16. Deborah and Barak
91. Cities of Refuge
92. Deborah and Barak
93. Jephthah's Daughter
94. Gideon and the Angel
95. Gideon's Wet-Dry Fleece
96. Gideon's Victory
17. Samson
97. Samson's Birth Foretold
98. Samson and the Foxes
99. Samson Destroys 3000 Philistines
Ruth's Love Story
100. Ruth and Naomi
101. Ruth, the Gleaner
102. Ruth Marries Boaz
18. Samuel
103. Samuel and Eli
104. The Lord Calls Samuel
105. The Ark of God Captured
King Saul
106. Israel Desires a King
107. Saul Selected King
108. Saul Anointed
19. Jonathan
109. Saul Defeats the Ammonites
110. Saul Is Impatient
111. Jonathan and the Philistines
King David
112. Jonathan Eats Forbidden Food
113. Saul and the Amalekites
114. David Anointed by Samuel
20. David and Goliath
115. David and Goliath
116. David Marries Saul's Daughter
117. David Escapes Saul's Soldiers
David and Jonathan
118. Jonathan Warns David
119. David Flees from Saul
120. In the Cave of Adullam

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