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Our listeners write . . .

"THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND has tremendously showed me how incredible the Bible stories are. The audio CDs are just entertaining and make the whole thing as realistic as possible and the voices and human expressions give us the sensation that we are inside the story. I feel I am one of the characters of the stories and by listening to them. I can very easily memorize the whole content of the story and my faith has increased so much since I began listening to the stories along with the scriptures. I will certainly keep them forever and as soon as my wife gives birth to our future son, I will teach him to follow God by reading the scriptures, learning more and more from the Bible and besides that, I will listen to all audio stories from THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND every night with him so that he could grow up with his thoughts and personality based on the word of God, our savior. Thanks for the great job and may God bless you for the rest of your lives." -- Bruno Felipe & Edilaine Gonçalves, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I'm so excited to find that these stories are still available. My husband and I bought these on cassettes back in the 1970s for our children. To this day they can repeat the dialog verbatim - inflections and all. These stories became part of them - whenever we are together, something in the conversation will spark the dialog to surface and off they go - what fun. Thank you for making these available so that my grandchildren will have the opportunity to learn these stories too. God Bless!" -- Mary K.

"Outside of the Word of God on the printed page, we have never invested in anything with benefits so great as THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND." -- Seattle, Washington

"THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND has been tremendously enjoyed by our children. We have found that the retention of Bible facts has been the highest through this means than in any other religious exposure." -- Redlands, California

"This series is an eternal investment for my son--8 years old--an auditory learner who just absorbs the stories like a sponge. Many, many thanks for this ministry." -- Elgin, Illinois

"Our family receives your BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND stories. These are something my children listen to, I mean actually sit and listen to. They are presented in such an exciting way that you look forward to the next story." -- Horton, Michigan

"My husband and I enjoy THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND as much as the kids; we are ALL learning so much!" -- Camas, Washington

"We think these CDs are wonderful! Our teenagers love to hear them and we feel the stories have done them a lot of good." -- Whiteville, Tennessee

"Our homeschooled children are looking forward to hearing your dramatizations. They have enjoyed hearing them on the afternoon children's programs on the radio. The stories are well done and of highest quality."  -- Nilesburg, Pennsylvania

"I have heard your stories repeatedly and followed them along with God's Word. I have been well satisfied with the parallel to Scripture." -- Houston, Texas


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Listen to free samples of our Bible Stories: Noah and the Ark, Samuel and Eli, King Solomon and the Baby, Queen Esther, Zacchaeus the Tax Collector, Paul and the Apostles

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