The Original Re-enacted Audio Bible Stories Noah's Ark
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FREED! Volume 1


(Featured Sample Story is Noah's Final Invitation)

Be in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve as they meet God! Scamper with the animals as they are FREED! from the confines of Noah's ark! Smile as baby Moses is FREED from his basket-boat and certain death! Rejoice with Joseph's FREED brothers and hear of Joseph's generous gift of forgiveness! Journey with the FREED Israelites as they walk - not swim - through the Red Sea!

THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND's audio dramatizations are reenacted events in the Bible that captivate listeners of all ages as they visualize and learn the values taught in God's Word. Listen to the Bible ... in living sound!

Listen to the dramatized audio Bible stories from creation to the Exodus in FREED!

  • 60 dramatized audio stories on 10 CDs in FREED!

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Use Exploring God's Book 1 workbook as a Bible study guide for personal study, church, Sunday School and home school curriculum for FREED! Volume 1.

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FREED! (Volume 1)
1. Creation
1. In the Beginning
2. Second and Third Days of Creation
3. Fourth and Fifth Days of Creation
Adam and Eve
4. Land Animals Created
5. Adam Created
6. Adam's Companion
2. The Serpent
7. Eve Is Tempted
8. Adam Accepts Forbidden Fruit
9. Driven from the Garden
Cain and Abel
10. The Promise of Salvation
11. Cain and Abel
12. Enoch and Methuselah
3. Noah's Ark
13. Noah Builds an Ark
14. The Animals Enter the Ark
15. Noah's Final Invitation
Noah and the Flood
16. The Flood
17. On Mount Ararat
18. The Tower of Babel
4. Abraham
19. The Boy Abram
20. Abraham Leaves for Canaan
21. The Caravan at Haran
Abraham and Lot
22. Famine in Canaan
23. Abraham and Lot Divide Land
24. Abraham Rescues Lot
5. Sodom and Gomorrah
25. Children Like the Stars
26. Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed
27. Hagar and Ishmael
Abraham and Isaac
28. Abraham Offers Isaac
29. Rebekah Chosen as Isaac's Wife
30. Isaac a True Friend
6. Jacob and Esau
31. Esau's Birthright Sold
32. Jacob Leaves Home
33. Jacob's Ladder
The Promised Land
34. Jacob Works for a Wife
35. Jacob Moves to Canaan
36. Jacob Wrestles with an Angel
7. Joseph's Dreams
37. Joseph, the Favorite Son
38. Joseph and His Dreams
39. Joseph Sold Into Egypt
Joseph and Pharaoh
40. Joseph Unjustly Accused
41. Joseph in Prison
42. Joseph Called Before Pharaoh
8. Joseph's Brothers
43. Joseph's Brothers Come to Egypt
44. Joseph Sends for Benjamin
45. Joseph Makes Himself Known
Joseph's Loyalty
46. Jacob Comes to Live in Egypt
47. Jacob Foretells Return to Canaan
48. Joseph Loyal to God and Family
9. Baby Moses
49. Israel Oppressed
50. Moses Hidden by His Mother
51. Moses Trained as a Prince
A Burning Bush
52. Moses Flees for His Life
53. Moses at the Burning Bush
54. God's Seven Promises
10. The Ten Plagues
55. Frogs in the Land
56. Darkness Over Egypt
57. The Passover
The Exodus
58. On the Way to Freedom
59. Israel Goes Through the Red Sea
60. The Egyptian Army Destroyed

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