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Passion Special

Share the story of the Passion of Jesus Christ. THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND audio dramatizations are reenacted events of the Bible that captivate listeners of all ages as they visualize the values taught in God's Word. Make an investment for eternity in the character development of your children by absorbing God's love letter to humanity ... the Bible ... in living sound.

This set contains "Jesus Betrayed" through "The Resurrection"

Track List

CD 57. Jesus Betrayed
337. Gethsemane
338. Jesus Betrayed-Arrested-Forsaken
339. Jesus Before Annas
Jesus Denied
340. Jesus Before the Council
341. Peter Denies Jesus
342. The Death of Judas
CD 58. Jesus Before Pilate
343. Jesus Taken to Pilate
344. Jesus Before Herod
345. Jesus Sent Back to Pilate
"Crucify Him"
346. "Crucify Him"
347. A Promise to a Thief
348. Jesus' Care for His Mother
CD 59. Jesus' Death
349. Jesus' Death
350. They Pierce His Side
351. Laid in the Tomb
The Resurrection
352. "The Lord Is Risen!"
353. A False Report
354. Jesus Appears to Mary

-- Special - 3 CDs: 57, 58, 59
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