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Exploring God's Book 4

  • Bible Activities for Kids of all ages
  • 30 pages of puzzles, true or false, fill in the blank, match a name with a place, and word games.
  • Printable format
  • Download PDF and print.
  • Laser printed
  • Standalone - THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND is not needed*
  • Each problem gives Bible verse needed to find answer.

*Complements The Life of Paul and the Apostles Volumes 7 & 8 (stories 361-450)

EXPLORING GOD'S BOOK 4 provides Bible study lessons when combined with listening to DELIVERED! Volume 7 and VICTORIOUS! Volume 8.

(The workbooks can be used independently from the audio Bible stories since each question/activity lists the Bible verse needed to find the answer.)

The workbooks include charts, word games, Bible texts, puzzles and codes that reinforce the audio Bible stories. Homeschoolers praise this excellent resource and teachers of Bible curriculum tell of success using this teaching aid to learn about scripture and biblical principles.

  • $6.50 to download.
  • 30 copies may be printed for use in a classroom, Sunday School or homeschool curriculum.
  • After confirming your order in the checkout process, click the "workbook download button" to start downloading the workbook file.

Laser printed workbooks: $9.50 each


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