The Original Re-enacted Audio Bible Stories Noah's Ark
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    La Torah title
    The first five books of the Bible

    The Torah tells the stories of Abraham, Moses, Joseph.

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    les prophetes title
    Stories of the Prophets

    The Kiraw tells the stories of David, Solomon, Samson.

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    l evangile title
    The Story of the prophet Jesus

    The Injil tells the story of the life and times of Jesus

English Translation

Greetings to you dear Internet friends. Welcome to our site, the site of hope, prosperity, success and of life. It is the site of The Bible in Living Sound.

On this site you will find audio Bible stories in the Bambara language (Dioula). These stories were created by the Bible in Living Sound using actors, music and sound effects from West Africa. Most of the major stories of the Torah, the Prophets and the Gospels are here.

By listening to these stories, you will have a better understanding of God and the books that He has sent here. You can acquire wisdom and understanding. When you listen to these stories, you will have some of your questions about life answered, such as the questions that you may ask about life, the future and God, in a mutated world with all of its complexities:  Expensive life, crises on crises, religious and social conflicts, wars, earthquakes, disasters, famine, sickness and natural disasters. What hope is there for the young, the unemployed and a world in danger?..... What will happen in the future? Is God interested in men and their suffering? Is there a solution? Whose fault is it? How can we get out of it and be happy? How should we organize our lives physically, socially and spiritually? How can we prosper and be successful in a distressed world? Is there a judgment to come? Is the world going to end? Where does help come from? Is there a marvelous new world coming?

You can freely listen to any of the stories on the Bambara BLS web site. To listen to a story, click on one of the lines below (The Torah, The Prophets or the Gospels). Once you have gotten onto that specific web page, all you have to do is click on the name of the story that you want to listen to and it will begin playing. If you want to download a story on your computer or peripheral device you can right click on the story and the option to download will become available.

Listen to the fascinating stories which have had success in Asia and America and which have transformed the lives of many men and women. Today it is within your reach in Africa. Don't miss connecting to our web site so that you can read (Listen) to its content A single click can change your life forever.

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Thank you for visiting our web site.  We hope that you will appreciate the site and that you will be blessed by listening to these stories.

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