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THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND is a collection of dramatized audio Bible stories, reenactments of Bible events with music and sound effects. The recordings are non-denominational and do not have private interpretations. The episodes follow the Bible narrative as it is written, without bias. When Scripture is quoted, the King James Version of the Bible is used. All musical segues are orchestrated.

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What does THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND audio Bible stories set include? 

There are 450 audio Bible stories available on 75 CDs representing approximately 56 hours of listening pleasure and blessing. They are packaged in eight CD wallets. THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND is available in these sets:

  1. The Life and Times of the Old Testament: 40 CDs in 4 Wallets (Volumes 1-4)
  2. The Life and Times of Jesus: 20 CDs in 2 Wallets (Volumes 5 & 6)
  3. The Life and Times of Paul and the Apostles: 15 CDs in 2 Wallets (Volumes 7 & 8)
  4. The complete BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND set (Volumes 1-8)

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Do you provide other teaching tools? 

There are four Exploring God's Book workbooks that provide excellent Bible curriculum for home-school, Vacation Bible School, church classes, Children's Church, personal devotions, etc. The workbook formats of fill-in-the-blanks, texts, puzzles, all reinforce the Bible stories. The workbooks include:

  1. Exploring God's Book 1: for Old Testament stories 1-120 (Volumes 1 & 2)
  2. Exploring God's Book 2: for Old Testament stories 121-240 (Volumes 3 & 4)
  3. Exploring God's Book 3: for Life of Jesus stories 241-360 (Volumes 5 & 6)
  4. Exploring God's Book 4: for Paul and the Apostles stories 361-450 (Volumes 7 & 8)

THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND stories are also referenced in the teacher's manual in Betty Lukens' Through the Bible in Felt 800.541.9279 and Little Folk Visuals' Bible in Felt 1.800.537.7227. These visual flannel-graph sets coincide with the audio Bible stories of THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND.

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May I hear a sample of THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND? 

Yes, as you look at each Volume page, a sound sample starts playing (Provided you have Flash and Javascript). Turn your speakers on. These sound samples are slightly reduced in quality in order to make them easily transmitted over the web. Or for $19.99 plus $2 postage you may order the Gift CD-5 Pack, a great way to sample the audio Bible adventures. The five CDs include 30 of the most popular stories of the Bible: Noah's Ark CD #3, David & Goliath CD #20, Queen Esther CD #40, The Good Samaritan CD #52 and Zacchaeus CD #54. Each CD averages 45 minutes. This is a great gift of Bible stories!

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Why would THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND be an investment for my child? 

The building of your child's strong character is accomplished by the knowledge and nurture of Scripture. These dramatized audio Bible stories with music and sound effects are an excellent way to assist your child as he or she learns more about the Bible and God's love. Stories such as David confronting Goliath or Jesus feeding the 5,000 people come alive for children of all ages and give a better understanding of God's Word. These Bible stories help get your child excited about the Bible!

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What if I join the Monthly Collector's Club then decide to cancel? 

You may cancel the Monthly Collector's Club membership at any time by phoning or notifying us in writing.

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What if I am not fully satisfied? 

Please call us before returning items 1.800.643.0234. The products can be returned to THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND via US Mail with a copy of the invoice. Please note the items you are returning. Postage is non-refundable. After we receive your return, we will send you a refund check or credit your charge card.

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What if I receive a faulty CD? 

Yes. Please call us and let us know what is wrong with the CD, 800.634.0234. Upon the return of the CD, we will replace the product at no charge. If the CD is merely worn/scratched please see the next question.

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My child has listened to one of the CDs so many times it is worn out, broken or scratched. May I receive a new one under your warranty? 

Yes. We will exchange the tape or CD for $2.50 each plus $2.50 for shipping.

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When may I expect my order? 

It is our policy to ship orders the same day as received via US Mail. Priority Mail shipments are charged at cost.

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Now that THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND is available on CDs, may I upgrade my records or tapes? 

Yes. Call about our CD Upgrade Information, 800.634.0234.

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Do your products have a warranty? 

Yes. When you have purchased THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND, we will replace any broken, scratched, or lost CDs for $2.50 each plus $2.50 minimum shipping.

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May I resumer the Monthy Collector's Club at any time? 

Yes, you may resume the Monthly Collector's Club at any time. Just let us know if you'd like to start receiving CDs from The Life and Times of the Old Testament, The Life and Times of Jesus or The Life and Times of Paul and the Apostles. The CDs are $5.95 each plus $2.50 shipping. If you would like to sign up for more than one CD a month, just let us know (two CDs can be shipped for the $2.50). Applicable sales tax will be added for Washington residents.

Do you provide other teaching tools? 

Yes, after listinging to THE BIBLE IN LIVING SOUND, children can prolong the fun and learning with four workbooks, Exploring God's Books 1-4. The workbooks are a fine teaching aid in reinforcing the Bible stories. They are also an excellent home-schooling resource. Charts, word games, puzzles and codes help children become a part of the story in a meaningful way. The general ages of children that would enjoy these workbooks are grades five thru eight. If your child is not reading, try asking the questions and fill in the answers together. These workbooks are suitable for homeschool curriculum and Sunday School Bible study.

Cassette tapes 

Yes, cassettes are available at a special discounted price, please call the toll free number to order.

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